An homage to Grigory Perelman by The Bold. Grigory Perelman is a modern Russian mathematician who solved the legendary Poincaré conjecture, one of the world’s most difficult mathematical tasks.

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Le Chat

Sweety Branding Studio created this great package design for Le Chat – a french brewer.

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ShapeShifting thumb

Shape-Shifting GIFs of Fine Art Sculptures

Intriguing glitchy animated images in constant shape-shifting between figurative sculptures and pixelated abstractions.

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The Silent City thumb

The Silent City

Digitally assembled futuristic megalopolises, where the devastating effects of uncontrolled urbanisation and industrialisation is depicted by importing details of buildings, factories and machinery in the peaceful landscapes.

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Brand and packaging project for wine from D.O.C. Rioja.

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pixel thumb


One of the Melbourne’s most significant and ambitious projects, Pixel is the first carbon neutral office building, generating all its own power and water on site.

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Complex Origami Mosaics

Beautifull three-dimensional geometric patterned origami made by Japanese paper engineer Kota Hiratsuka.

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CMYK Playing Cards

Clever, simple and as easy as ever to use, CMYK Playing Cards coloured by the printer’s choise of ink in different opacities, creating playfull gradient in your hands.

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mushrooms thumb

LED Mushroom Lights

The coolest LED lights that appear to be real glowing mushrooms.

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